Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Scott has helped me out tremendously."

- Claire A.

"Although it is to an hour to travel to his office, it is well worth the drive."

- Richard S.

"My six year old daughter Melanie was first diagnosed with a developmental delay / gross motor delay at the age of three. Melanie had a very awkward run almost a flat footed gait. Her overall muscle tone seemed somewhat low. Melanie didn’t like to run much and she never cared to swing, she always needed two feet on the ground. Her posture was always in a guarded stance. She would walk around with her head pushed forward. Melanie could not even lay down comfortably because she never relaxed her neck.

Over the next couple of years Melanie still ran stiff legged like a toddler. She could use stairs only by going step by step. Melanie could not jump and had very little coordination. Melanie started to become aware of activities she could not do and started saying “I can’t do it”. All activities that required Melanie to be on her back were flat out refused. My husband and I always encouraged Melanie to do her best and to never give up. One half hour of play time would tire Melanie out for hours. Melanie’s physical motor skills delay was something we just excepted.

On March 25, 2005 I brought Melanie in to see Dr. Scott. Things really started to change for Melanie. She can keep up with her classmates in gym. She loves to swing in the playground and can “pump” her own legs. Walking up stairs, lets just say she runs! Melanie can now stand on one leg for over 10 seconds without losing her balance and her posture has improved 100 percent. She no longer walks with her head pushed forward and she has lost that guarded stance. Melanie has since taken up swimming and loves to run and play. She is working very hard at learning to skip. At this time last year she wouldn’t even have tried.

Melanie is now getting more exercise and her overall health has improved. She was always sick with a cold that would end up into a chest cold. Melanie missed nine days of school in one month in 2004 due to illness. Melanie has only missed two days of school this entire school year. Our family owes so much to Doctor Scott."

- Laurie B.

"When I walked into Dr. Scott Alderson’s office, I had actually started considering that surgery may be my only hope at getting back my life, the way it was when I was not in constant pain. I had, at this point been dealing with very serious and constant back pain for nearly a year, and nothing helped. It had affected my entire life.

At work, I was miserable due to the pain. I was no longer able to work out, which up to that point was my life and my sanity. This was a tremendous problem for me, not only did it affect me greatly physically, but mentally it was destroying my confidence level in every aspect of my life. I could not accept that this is the way I would be living the rest of my life. It was not an option to me or acceptable in any way. I went to see everyone. From acupuncturists to osteopaths, physical therapists, and other chiropractors, all to no avail. I had thousands of dollars worth of doctor bills piling up and I was only getting worse.

At this point, some people that I knew were already seeing Dr. Scott. They had suggested it to me, but I did not see the point in spending any more money that I did not have to only be disappointed again. I did not think that I could bear to hear one more professional tell me that I would just have to become accustomed to a new lifestyle. I might actually scream, (he seemed like a pretty nice man, he did not deserve that.) I walked in one day anyway, and I will thank god for that always. I was near tears telling him about my situation and all that had been said to me. He was actually listening to me. He didn’t rush me so that he could move onto to someone else, and he didn’t treat me like I was crazy and that everyone goes through this, why couldn’t I handle it and accept it. He had no machines or gizmos, he just used his hands with no x-rays and found a portion of the problem that day which no one had found or even looked for so far.

He helped me to figure out that I could in fact begin to work out again; I just needed to change things up a bit. He helped me to find new exercises that would be beneficial to me, and he understood the emotional stress that this was causing for me, and has never once to date made me feel silly or stupid for the way this problem was and has affected me. Financially, he set me up on a plan that I could afford. I am forever grateful for this; it helped me so much in a time when I thought there was no help.

To date, I am doing fantastic! I am now nearly back to my old, happy self at work; I am no longer in constant pain and am smiling a lot lore often. My workouts are improving every day. Dr. Scott is always offering me new ideas for exercises that will be beneficial for me and not hurt me or the work we have done. My son is now a regular patient as is my boyfriend. My health, in all aspects, is always of major importance in my life and Dr. Scott has given me a gift that I am forever grateful to him for. I am back to living the life that I want to live and there is only promise of it getting better from here on out. Thank god that I chose to walk into his office that day. It has forever improved my life and happiness. THANK YOU!"

- Naomi A.

"When I came to Dr. Scott I was in severe back pain 24 – 7. When rising from a sitting position I was bent over in pain and had to take several steps before I could straighten upright. I couldn’t bend to pick up something or tie my shoelaces without pain. The left side of my neck wasn’t even functioning at all. My pelvis was turned and I have a curvature of the spine. I was very discouraged thinking that my life would be limited at doing things I enjoy because it was just too painful. My first visit was like a miracle to me because I could move and do things without pain. Another problem that I had was being out of breath just doing small tasks like walking up 2 or 3 steps or to tie my shoelaces. It took one small adjustment and the problem was gone. At one time, I had a sinus headache for 12 days straight. I went to my doctor thinking I had a sinus infection, but was told iot wasn’t and to get allergy medication and nasal spray. The cost for a copay and medicine would have totaled about $60 - $70. I didn’t get the medicine or spray, instead went to Dr. Scott. One adjustment it went away. Today I don’t suffer with back pain, my neck works fine, my breathing is normal and I have more energy and less stress thanks to my son for referring me to Dr. Scott, my miracle worker."

- Linda F.

"When I started seeing Dr. Scott over three years ago, I was in a carpal tunnel brace on my right wrist and usually wore braces on my two thumbs for degenerative arthritis. Both conditions were diagnosed and being treated by doctors. I had been wearing the carpal tunnel brace for approximately six years and the thumb braces for about three.

In the case of the carpal tunnel, it was strongly recommended that I have surgery to alleviate the discomfort. However, I was more willing to endure the discomfort and wear the brace even though it limited my ability to perform certain functions.

After a number of months of chiropractic care under Dr. Scott, I was out of my braces. As time passed, I had less and less pain. Today I do not wear any of the braces. I do not have any of the carpal tunnel symptoms and only infrequently do I experience pain in my thumbs. I do not have a need for any of the braces anymore."

- Heidi B.

"I started under care with Dr. Scott on January 19, 2001. First thing I noticed is my neck stopped hurting. I used to have headaches all the time. I would have trouble falling asleep because my neck felt a pressure like the muscles wouldn’t relax. I now sleep much better. I used to have pain behind my eyes which is now gone. I used to get really dizzy whenever I would move suddenly. I was always very cold even when I slept. I now feel warm even if it’s cold inside. My head was heavy, my shoulders hurt and my lower back hurt. If I was on my feet for long periods I would get totally exhausted, I don’t get tired like that anymore. I haven’t gotten sick even once, even though I am around sick people a lot. I used to get little colds every week. I used to be very sensitive at times to light and had to close my eyes, this has stopped. My left ear would sometimes hurt or felt like it was closed and now it feels like something opened up and just feels right. My hands are no longer cold or feel like I am getting arthritis."

- Martina H.

"I’ve been dancing myself for twelve years. For the past four years, I’ve been teaching dance as well. Sporadically throughout this time, I’ve had lower back pain. During rehearsals for a performance of the “Nutcracker” last year, my back became so excruciating that I had to stop dancing and sit out. I talked to a fellow dancer, Kim (Dr. Scott’s wife) about my lower back pain. She recommended that I see her husband.

After a couple of weeks of adjustments, my pain faded. I was amazed! I’m a big cynic, so I kept waiting for the pain to come back; it never did. I left Dr. Scott’s office feeling lifted and definitely more comfortable. I’ve even found that my balance had improved in dance class!

With my back pain gone, I feel great improvements in my health. I am able to be consistently physically active and I haven’t been sick since last fall! I have definitely been recommending chiropractic care to my friends."

- Jocelyn C.

"I have been coming to Dr. Scott for nearly a year now, and I have felt improvement in several areas. I wanted to see a chiropractor, after having dealt with general practitioners that couldn’t tell me why I was having back pain or how to deal with it. I have also had x-rays and an MRI, which showed no problems, but I still had every day back pain.

Before being treated by Dr. Scott, he explained in detail how improvement in the spinal cord can be beneficial in ways that I never imagined. So far he has been exactly right. I initially wanted to get rid of the back pain, which I tell you has been virtually non-existent, but I also had chronic knee pain in my left leg, which also has been virtually non-existent. Another area that has improved dramatically is my immune system. For the last several years I would catch anything that was going around such as the flu and many colds. Since getting my weekly adjustments I haven’t been sick other than just a touch of a bug, and a cold that tried to get me but went away after just a few sniffles.

Every visit I make ends up being a positive experience, and I am feeling healthier than I have in a long time. I fully believe that chiropractic care is beneficial to anyone who is willing to take that first step."

- Garry W.

"I came to Dr. Scott last May with a lower back problem. I was a skeptic at first because I have heard different things (and most were not that good), but my wife had been going to him a month prior and she was impressed with the progress in that amount of time, so I figured I would give it a shot. Dr. Scott took the time on the first day to explain what chiropractic is and what he adjusts and what he looks at to make the adjustments. The professionalism that he shows through his work and dedication to help and understand the folks that come to him with their problems demonstrates that he is willing to go that extra mile to make sure you are taken care of. I would highly recommend if you have a problem with your back or neck, go see Dr. Scott. He will take care of you."

- Russ P.

"Before I started seeing Dr. Scott, my lower back was constantly sore. I walk a lot at work and I always felt like I needed surgery to help me out from a previous injury. Today, I feel great, my lower back never bothers me and I feel almost energized after being adjusted. I would recommend this to everyone."

- Chad B.

"Prior to chiropractic care with Dr. Scott I was frequently out sick from work due to vertigo and others sicknesses. I started chiropractic care as of April 30, 2001. Since starting care, I just celebrated one year of no absences due to sickness. This is the only thing I have changed. Thanks to Dr. Scott I am staying healthy."

- Cassandra P.

"If you are suffering from lower back pain like I did for several months please take the time to make an appointment with Dr Scott. Dr Scott is a true professional and I would recommend Dr Scott to anyone living with pain. "

- Louis C.


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